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Samsung galaxy s9 used from hongkong full box woth full accessories are available 1 year warranty you are welcome 
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 SAMSUNG A50,  A30, A20 & A10 SPECIFICATIONS   A50 A30            A20 A10 DISPLAY 6.40  6.4  6.40 Inch (720*1560) 6.2(15.75cm) FRONT CAMERA 25 MP 16MP+5MP              8MP   13MP REAR CAMERA 25 MP + 5MP+8MP  13MP+5MP...
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DescriptionS Series has a legacy of pushing the boundaries of what a smartphone can do. And with Galaxy S23 Ultra, we’re raising that bar again. Galaxy S23 Ultra is more than the next big step in mobile tech. With the highest c...
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I phone 6 used made from hongkong and all accessories is available. warranty 1 yearyou are welcome 
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            Samsung A80DISPLAY.                   6.70processor.                 QUALCOMM SNAPDRAGON 730GFRONT CAMERA.        NOREAR CAMERA           48MP + 8MPRAM                          8GBSTORAGE                  128GBBATER...